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30: All About Spy Con

So what is Spy Con 2018? Billed as ‘Spy Con celebrates espionage and Spy Fiction in...
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Spy Author Tim Stevens talks John Purkiss, Ratcatcher and much more

29: Interview with Thriller Author Tim Stevens

Thriller Author Tim Stevens, the man behind the John Purkiss books talks to Spybrary Today we...
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The Exphoria Code

27: The Exphoria Code -Brush Pass Review

Spybrary Brush Pass: Agent Jeff Quest shares his thoughts on Antony Johnston's The Exphoria Code Tune...
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26: The Ghost: The Secret Life of CIA Spymaster James Jesus Angleton Review

Spybrary Brush Pass: The Ghost: The Secret Life of CIA Spymaster James Jesus Angleton Spybrarian Matthew...
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25: The Lebensborn Spy with Christopher McIntosh

On Episode 25 of the Spybrary Spy Podcast, host Shane Whaley talks to author Christopher McIntosh...
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Brian Gray spy podcaster and the man behind the Intelligence Trail London Spy Tours talks to the Spybrary Spy Podcast

24: London Spy Tours with Brian Gray of the Intelligence Trail

Brian Gray of the Sunday Spy Show talks to us about his London Spy Tours and...
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23: From Modesty Blaise to Mick Herron on Dead Drop 5

We talk Mick Herron, Ian Fleming, Len Deighton, John Le Carre and many more on Dead...
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The Prisoner

22: What exactly is ‘The Prisoner’ all about?

We talk all about the British Cult Classic TV show ‘The Prisoner‘ starting Patrick McGoohan on...
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Spy Author Jeremy Duns review of The Bureau

21: The Bureau Review with Jeremy Duns

The Bureau (French Spy Thriller) review     Author Jeremy Duns shares his thoughts on the...
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Michael Brady Into the Shadows - The Fever

20: Go Into the Shadows with Michael Brady

 Into the Shadows – The Fever with Michael Brady Lt Col Michael Brady was an intelligence...
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Desmond Bagley Classic Running Blind reviewed by Matthew Bradford

19: Running Blind – Desmond Bagley Review

Desmond Bagley Classic Running Blind Review Episode 19 of the Spybrary Podcast sees the return of...
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