55: Red Moon Audio Drama with Rob Valentine

Red Moon – An Alternate Cold War Thriller

Red Moon Audio Drama
Red Moon Audio Drama

On Episode 55 of the Spybrary Podcast, guest host Matthew Kresal talks to the writer and director of Red Moon, a cold war thriller audio drama.

Produced by Wireless Theatre Red Moon is an alternate history story about what would have happened had the Soviets landed on the moon before the Americans.

If today's episode has piqued your interest, Wireless Theater have kindly made Episode 1 of Red Moon free for you to try out.


London, 1979. As American and Soviet moonbases aim their nuclear missiles at targets across the planet, former MI5 officer Eddie Sloper is about to uncover a deadly secret.


They Fought Alone by Charles Glass
They Fought Alone by Charles Glass

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The Complete George Smiley Radio Dramas
The Complete George Smiley Radio Dramas

The Complete George Smiley Radio Dramas (BBC) 
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Queen Elizabeth's Secret Agents: The Rise of the First Secret Service

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