5 Must-Read Spy Books According to Author Stephen England

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Author Stephen England finds himself embedded deep in Communist-controlled East Berlin, and has asked his handler to leave him 5 of his favorite spy books at the Dead Drop location in Friedrichshain Park.

Join us on the Spy Book Podcast, Spybrary, and discover the thrilling world of spy novels in our exclusive series, ‘Dead Drop 5'.

Spy Books and Dead Drops…what is this series exactly?

Spy Books - Dead Drop 5 on the Spy Podcast Spybrary
Stephen England – Dead Drop 5 on the Spybrary Podcast

This riveting series is a crowd favorite, but be warned, your bank balance may take a hit based on these spy book recommendations. In these episodes, our brave podcast uests are dispatched on a clandestine mission behind the Iron Curtain, where danger lurks at every shadowy corner.

But fear not, they won't embark on this perilous journey unequipped.

Our intrepid agents can request five spy novels to be stashed in the East Berlin dead drop.

But that's not all.

Beyond these spy books, our guests are granted a selection of diverse items, each carefully curated to make their stay in East Berlin more manageable, perhaps even a touch more comfortable.

Join host Shane Whaley as he interviews author Stephen England about his upcoming mission to East Berlin and the five books he would like to take. They discuss the importance of well-written prose in spy novels and Stephen's book choices, including “Private Wars” by Greg Rucka and “The Agent Runner” by Simon Conway.

Get ready to dive into ‘Dead Drop 5', only on Spybrary, but be warned, this series could seriously damage your bank account!

Stephen England's 5 Spy Books You Need to Read for a Thrilling Adventure

Are you a fan of spy novels that transport you to different times and places? Do you appreciate well-written prose that captures the madness of the spy business? Look no further than these five spy book recommendations from author Stephen England.

First on the list is Private Wars by Greg Rucka, a spy book set in Central Asia with skillfully crafted prose. Next is The Agent Runner by Simon Conway, a masterful portrayal of the dirty bomb plot and the madness of the spy business. Stephen also recommends Appointment in Tehran by James Stejskal for its gripping plot and characters.

Pick up Night Heron by Adam Brookes for a gritty look at espionage. This novel is praised for its realistic portrayal of China and its compelling characters. Finally, Security Detail by Matt Cricchio offers a nuanced exploration of the conflict in Afghanistan and the people caught up in it.

Whether you're a fan of modern world terror novels or prefer a cold war spy historical setting, these spy novels are sure to provide a thrilling adventure. So grab a copy and prepare to be transported to the murky world of intelligence, espionage and skullduggery!

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