Agent Running in the Field by John le Carre – BP Review

Agent Running In the Field Review

Today sees the release of John le Carre‘s most recent work, Agent Running In The Field in paperback. To celebrate its publication, John le Carre fan and Spybrarian Clarissa Aykroyd deliver us a quick brush pass review about Agent Running In The Field.

Available on Amazon UK, Amazon US and in all good bookshops including these.

Following Clarissa's review of the novel, you can hear from John le Carre himself as he reads Chapter 1 of Agent Running In The Field for us.

If you enjoyed this episode and are intrigued by the review do check out our Spybrary Spy Book Podcast round table with Jeff Quest and Matthew Bradford.

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Agent Running In the Field
Check out our Round Table Discussion – Agent Running In the Field with Matthew Bradford and Jeff Quest.
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