Moscow X by David McCloskey – Brush Pass Review

Moscow X Review

Spybrary's Bruce Dravis slipped us his Brush Pass spy book review of David McCloskey's second novel Moscow X. McCloskey's first spy book Damascus Station was impeccable and delighted spy book enthusiasts around the world. How does David's second novel fare? Listen on. We wil air an interview with author David McCloskey soon but in the meantime do check out his previous appearance on Spybrary, discussing his first spy novel Damascus Station.

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Moscow X by David McCloskey

‘Breathlessly gripping and truly terrifying’ Simon Sebag Montefiore

The second novel from the author of Damascus Station (‘One of the best spy thrillers in years’ The Times)

CIA operatives Sia and Max enter Russia to recruit Vladimir Putin’s moneyman. Sia works for a London firm that conceals the wealth of the super-rich. Max’s family business in Mexico – a CIA front since the 1960s – is a farm that breeds high-end racehorses. They pose as a couple, and their targets are Vadim, Putin’s private banker, and his wife Anna, who is both a banker and an intelligence officer herself…

Praise for Damascus Station:

‘Simply marvellous storytelling…a stand-out thriller and essential reading for fans of the genre’ – Financial Times

‘The best spy novel I have ever read’ – General David Petraeus, former director of the CIA

Rave Reader Reviews for Damascus Station

Read this book … and order Moscow X

‘An intense, unforgettable tour de force that must be read’

‘WOW! What an astonishing read’

‘David McCloskey knows his stuff … an impressive page-turner’

‘Genuinely original’

‘Excellent, gritty espionage novel’

‘A refreshingly credible, engaging and exciting spy thriller’

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