Spybrary Prize – Win a place on the Intelligence Trail Tour

The Intelligence Trail is an in-depth London Spy Tour run by Brian, the host of the Sunday Spy Show. And if you read on you have the chance to win a place on his epic espionage tours along with Spybrary host Shane Whaley

Write us an Itunes review and you could immerse yourself in the world of espionage and counter-espionage throughout the decades in the spy capital of the world – LONDON.

The original “Classic” ‘Trail offers you the opportunity to learn more about the events and episodes involving Britain's most famous intelligence services – MI5 and MI6 – throughout the decades.

Although the tour will begin with a tip of the hat to Bond's creator Lt. Cmdr. Ian Fleming and his own wartime naval intelligence activities, the tour is about real people, real events, and real consequences. And of course, real locations!

You'll get the chance to discover what has REALLY happened in British intelligence away from the fictional worlds of James Bond, George Smiley, and Harry Pearce. As a result THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL is not suitable for under-18's.

Given the sheer wealth of material available, the stories and locations selected on one day may vary from another. But you'll be treated to a veritable mix of locations and tales recounted, and assured of an introduction to some of the worst spy traitors to damage the British intelligence services before and during the Cold War, as well as the odd hero or two. There may also be some Middle Eastern intrigue as well!

Also revealed are the locations of a secret passageway or two And for good measure there's also a cock-up or two!

The Trail comes highly recommended from the professionals themselves: beware of imitations!


–  Learn about the British intelligence services – MI5 and MI6 – over the last 100 years

–  Understand key episodes and personalities spanning several decades.

–  The activities, consequences – and downfalls – of some of Britain's worst spy traitors

–  Find out the location of not one but two secret passageways.

More information at The Intelligence Trail and don't forget to check out Brian's excellent reviews on Tripadvisor

Win a place on the tour.

All you need to do is leave an honest review of The Spybrary Podcast on Itunes –  (click here to be taken to their review page) we will draw the winner on September 1st. We will announce it here and on social media. This is a great prize, the tour is 295 GBP/400 USD so it is well worth entering. This only includes the ticket for the tour, Spybrary is not rich enough to pay for flights and hotels so you need to be able to get yourself to London. The tour will take place on the afternoon of September 7th.





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    1. Shane Whaley

      You are very kind Ian, much appreciated Sir and best of luck in the competition 🙂 I can’t wait to go on the Intelligence Trail!!!