Tim Shipman's Top 125 spy thriller authors

Who are the best spy writers of all time?

Tim Shipman of the Sunday Times rates and ranks his favorite 125, yes that’s 125 spy thriller authors for Spybrary. Grab the list today and get Tim’s recommendations on his favourite work by the author and which book to start with!

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    Bonus: Watch our live episode!

    On August 7th, we hosted our first ever live episode of Spybrary. A panel to discuss Tim’s list of the best spy writers. Tim revealed more about his method and criteria for selecting this monster list of spy authors. Joining us were Professor Penny Fielding, author and critic Jeremy Duns, spy blogger Matthew Bradford, and John le Carre book collector Steven Ritterman to run the rule over Tim’s pick of the best spy writers. You can watch the discussion below or listen in via your podcast app.

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