Spybrary Spy Book Club July 2018

Spybrary Spy Book Club July 2018 – Berlin Game by Len Deighton

Berlin Game by Len Deighton. Spybrary Spy Book Club July 2018
Berlin Game by Len Deighton. Spybrary Spy Book Club July 2018

Spybrary listeners voted overwhelmingly for the classic ‘Berlin Game' by Len Deighton to be the inaugural Spy Book of the month.

If you do not have the book yet, you can order here (and earn Spybrary a small commission which goes towards the upkeep of the site and Spybrary Podcast.)

—Please send in your thoughts and observations on the book, don't hold back, to have your thoughts, comments, observations, criticisms read out on this episode of the Spy Book Club on the Spybrary Podcast email Shane here – Working on a free voicemail where you can call in and leave your message, please check back soon.

The podcast episode will appear here in mid August.

Spybrary Host Shane Whaley
Spybrary Podcast is hosted by Shane Whaley of Station V

In the meantime don't forget to check out the first ever episode of Spybrary, where host Shane Whaley talks all about Len Deighton with the man behind the Deighton Dossier website – Rob Mallows. Listen to Episode One here

What is the Spybrary Spy Book Club?


Each month, Spybrary listeners vote on a book for our Spybrary Spy Book Club.

Spybrarians can nominate and then vote on the book of the month. We commit to reading it and the following month we host a round table discussion on the book. Spybrarians are then invited to leave their comments/observations on the thread and we will discuss them on the panel so everyone has a chance of participating. The panel will change each month, giving other Spy Book fans a chance to join the Spybrary Spy Book Club panel. Shane is looking at a voicemail so you can leave a message which can then be played on the show!

In order to nominate and vote for your book choice you will need to be a member of our free Spybrary Listeners Facebook Group. (Alternatively if you do not use facebook please email Shane.)

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