A Very Working Class Spy with Gordon Henderson MP

A Very Working Class Spy - Steven Statton by Gordon Henderson MP
Gordon Henderson MP shares more about his spy thriller Steven Statton – A Very Working Class Spy!

Order! Order! Welcome to Episode 239 of the Spybrary Spy Book Podcast! I'm your host, Shane and today Whaley goes to Westminster. But don't worry; I'm not running for office! I recently had the pleasure of enjoying a tea break with Gordon Henderson MP. I am a politics nerd so it was a delight for me to combine both of my passions, espionage and politics.

Shane Whaley

Gordon isn't just a sitting member of Parliament for Sittingbourne and Sheppey in Kent—he's also a passionate writer of spy fiction. We'll dive into his experiences and inspirations, including his admiration for Len Deighton and his creation of a very relatable, working-class spy named Steven Statton.

Gordon Henderson MP

Join us as Gordon Henderson MP shares insights into his writing process, offers advice for aspiring authors, and Shane cheekily asks him about the latest spy scandals in Parliament. Plus, you'll hear his thoughts on his favorite spy novels, films, and music that fuels his creativity. So, grab a cup of tea and settle in for an engaging conversation in the heart of the Palace of Westminster. All this and more, coming up on Spybrary!

What is Steven Statton A Very Working Class Spy all about?

Steven Statton – a very working-class spy, is a thrill-a-minute story of intrigue and betrayal at the heart of Britain’s most secretive intelligence agency. Although set mainly in London, the story sees Steven Statton travel the world in an effort to counter an Iranian plot to use the Mafia to destabilise Britain by flooding its streets with heroin. However, Statton’s task is made harder when he is betrayed by somebody working in the British Secret Service. Matters come to a head in a lockup garage in London’s East End, where Statton has a violent confrontation with two Mafia hitmen, and with his own boss.

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