Crafting Realistic Spy Thrillers – Merle Nygate Reveals More about Honour Among Spies

Merle Nygate Honour Among Spies
Honour Among Spies with author Merle Nygate

Welcome to another thrilling episode of the Spybrary Spy Book Podcast! Today, we have the exceptional Merle Nygate joining us to dive deep into her latest espionage novel, Honour Among Spies, the highly anticipated sequel to The Righteous Spy.

Tune in as host Shane Whaley commends Merle's expertise in writing riveting action scenes and her knack for adding delicious touches of realism with food scenes that flesh out the characters and setting.

Merle takes us behind the scenes, sharing how her boxing lessons inform her authentic fight sequences and discussing her approach to crafting stories that blend ethical dilemmas with gritty espionage tactics. We'll also explore her unique concept of “vinyl tradecraft” and the influence of real-life events and conspiracy theories on her writing.

As the conversation unfolds, we'll touch on the personal journeys of characters like Petra and Eli, who grapple with complex moral choices and the taxing demands of spy life. Discover how Merle's multifaceted career as a novelist, screenwriter, and lecturer shapes her craft, and hear about her dreams of adapting her gripping tales for television.

And don't worry, there's a glimpse into what might be next for the series, including the possibility of a third book! So sit back, relax, and enjoy this fascinating discussion on Spybrary, where spy fiction aficionados come together to celebrate the best in espionage literature.

Merle Nygate Honour Among Spies

Watch our conversation about Honour Among Spies with author Merle Nygate and Spybrary Host Shane Whaley

What is Honour Among Spies by Merle Nygate all about?


‘Absolutely gripping' Alex Gerlis, Every Spy a Traitor

‘Nygate is not afraid to get her hands bloody' James Owen, The Times

‘Perfect for fans of early le Carré and Len Deighton' Gavin Collinson – author of An Accident in Paris

At the heart of London's spy operations, Mossad head of station Eli carries the scars of a past disaster while grappling with the turbulent political landscape back home. His resolve to uphold his duty and keep his job is tested like never before.

Desperate to tip the scales in the espionage game, Eli concocts a risky plan involving tampered drones destined for Russian hands. But to execute this plan, he has to exploit those closest to him. Eli's moral compass clashes with the mission, leading him down a treacherous path of betrayal.

As the stakes escalate, Eli finds himself embroiled in a deadly web, racing to foil an apocalyptic agenda. Alliances are tested, sacrifices are made, and Eli must confront the consequence of his actions head-on, and navigate a shadowy underworld to prevent a terrorist plot from unleashing chaos on a global scale. Will they emerge victorious, or will the darkness consume them all?

A must-read for fans of Homeland and NCIS, it will also appeal to readers of Charles Cumming and John le Carré.

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