19: Running Blind – Desmond Bagley Review

Desmond Bagley Classic Running Blind Review

A selection of Desmond Bagley books on Amazon
A selection of Desmond Bagley books on Amazon

Episode 19 of the Spybrary Podcast sees the return of the Brush Pass Series. Matthew Bradford from the excellent Double O Section spy blog shares with us his thoughts on the Desmond Bagley classic ‘Running Blind'.

Spybrary Brush Pass
Brush Pass – a quick review from Spybrary listeners on the books they love (and hate!)

Also in this episode of the Spybrary Spy Podcast Host Shane Whaley shares with you his planned October reading list. Brush Pass reviews are sent in by Spybrary listeners and give us their first impressions of a book soon after finishing.

As Shane says ‘we are not looking for literary criticism here, basically brush pass is your chance to share your views on a spy book (fact or fiction) with fellow spy fans. Imagine meeting me or one of our Spybrarians in the bar and you tell us about this spy book you have just read, that's brush pass!'

Check out Matthew's Brush Pass as he tells us about Running Blind, or check out Shane's Brush Pass on Brian Freemantle's debut novel ‘Goodbye to an Old Friend‘.

‘It all begins with a simple errand – a package to deliver. But for Alan Stewart, standing on a deserted road in Iceland with a murdered man at his feet, the mission looks far from simple. Set amongst some of the most dramatic scenery in the world, Stewart and his girlfriend, Erin, are faced with treacherous natural obstacles and deadly threats, as they battle to carry out the mission. The contents of the package are a surprise for the reader as much as for Stewart in a finale of formidable energy.'

According to The Bagley Brief website ‘Bagley died in 1983 at the age of 59 leaving us a literary canon of sixteen published novels and a handful of short stories, articles and interviews. At the time of his death he was reputed to be one of the highest paid writers of fiction novels in the world. Remarkable considering he lacked a formal education, left school at the age of fourteen, suffered a life-long speech impediment and was nearly forty years old when his first novel, The Golden Keel, was published.'

If you are interested in sending us a Brush Pass review, just record it on your smartphone in mp3 or mpa format and email to us shane@spybrary.com and we will do the rest. If we use your Brush Pass review on the show we will send you a $20 Amazon gift card voucher. If you're keen on using Amazon, especially if you get the voucher, you could also explore sites like Raise to see what other promo codes you could use on your Amazon purchase. You could also use these sites even if you don't receive a gift card so savings all round for everyone!

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