54: Live Drop – Red Sparrow Trilogy

Red Sparrow Trilogy Deep Dive


Live Drop - Bradford and Quest in a no holds barred deep dive on the Red Sparrow Trilogy Books
Live Drop – Bradford and Quest in a no holds barred deep dive on the Red Sparrow Trilogy Books

Recently we received some intelligence suggesting that two well known Spybrarians and Spy Book bloggers Matthew Bradford and Jeff Quest were  planning a meetup in Los Angeles. So we sent some of our agents to tail them for the day, thankfully they did what every self-respecting Spybrarian would do. They met up and hit some book stores, checking out first editions and signed copies. Mind you Quest has the knack of discovering signed copies everywhere he goes!!!

Then they ran our agents ragged as they hit several pubs, downed some beer and talked spy books. Quest and Bradford are two extremely well read guys when it comes to spy literature, can you imagine being a fly on the wall of that conversation?

Well today you can be. One of our agents was able to place a listening device in their vicinity (we can't reveal where, secret tradecraft)  so you can hear Bradford and Quest talking all about the Red Sparrow Trilogy with special focus on The Kremlin's Candidate, the final book of the Red Sparrow trilogy written by ex CIA man Jason Matthews. This is a no holds barred conversation, no kid gloves with this one as you would expect with two Spybrary heavyweights such as Quest and Bradford.

—–WARNING—– Our transcribers tell us that whilst the product is gold., there is a spoiler alert towards the last segment. Don't worry the chaps give fair and clear warning,  so if you are like me and you have not read The Kremlin's Candidate yet you can still tune in to this transmission.——-WARNING—-

The audio is not studio quality, our engineers have worked on the file and it is intelligible just not crystal clear, occasional background and interference as our targets move from place to place in LA in an effort to evade our tail.  Please send any audio complaints to Q branch and not to us.

Seriously though, a big thanks to Jeff Quest and Matthew Bradford for taking the trouble to record this chat for us. I think you will all enjoy it! Fans talking spy books in a bar over a pint!

“This is quintessential Spybrary!”


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Links and Resources

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Palace of Treason – Book 2 of the Red Sparrow Trilogy
The Kremlin's Candidate – Book 3 of the Red Sparrow Trilogy

The Secret Pilgrim – John le Carre

Spywrite – Jeff Quest
Double-0 Section – Matthew Bradford

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2 Responses
  1. David

    Great conversation.
    I came to ‘Red Sparrow’ through SpyBray.
    It’s tough to get on my list. My list of thriller favourites is long and reviews have to be consistently strong and from trusted sources before I’ll allocate reading time to new authors. This is one of the beauties of ‘SpyBray’, It helps me sort the wheat from the chaff.
    The combined positive opinions of SpyBrarians forced my arm and I’m pleased they did.
    Although I didn’t rate ‘Red Sparrow’ as premier cru I enjoyed it and thought that the first part in particular was good. For some reason it reminded me of ‘From Russia With Love’ in terms of the set up and the time Fleming spent preparing Grant.
    That said, finishing it I did feel it was a one trick pony and had no desire to read the sequels.
    Matthew and Jeff have confirmed my view and saved some valuable reading time.

  2. Carlos

    Thank you to both Jeff and Matthew for this review. I always enjoy when you both come on the show to share your insight and experience, having read so many novels you guys definitely need to continue these sessions.

    Having said that, and based on what you had to say about Jason Matthews’ novels, I no longer have any desire to read them. They sound terribly cliché and with poorly drawn characters. Mick Herron is still, in my opinion, the best of today’s authors.