Button Zone and Chess Player Spy book Review (69)

On this episode of the Spybrary Spy Podcast, John Koenig sends in a brush pass review of two spy novels written in the early 80s. Chess Player and Button Zone.

Spybrary Brush Pass
Brush Pass – a quick review from Spybrary listeners on the books they love (and hate!)

What is a Brush Pass review exactly?

These are first impression reviews sent in by Spybrary listeners and give us their first impressions of a spy book, spy movie or spy tv show soon after finishing it. We encourage all our Spybrary listeners to record their own brush reviews and send them in. Remember we are not academics here, Spybrary Spy Podcast is by spy fans for spy fans.

If you want to send in a brush pass review, record it on your smartphone and email to shane@spybrary.com We will do the rest. If your brush pass episode is aired then you will receive a $20 Amazon voucher as a thank you from us all at Spybrary!

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Resources Mentioned on this episode of the Spybrary Spy Podcast.

Author Wilfred Greatorex.

Obituary Wilfred Greatorex

Author William Pearson

John Koenig Blog

The Koenig Memorandum (written spy book reviews)

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