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In this episode of the Spybrary spy book podcast we talk about our best spy books, host Shane Whaley invites guest Martin Paul to embark on a clandestine mission behind the Iron Curtain. As part of the Dead Drop 5 series, Martin shares his top five best spy books that he would take with him to East Berlin. From classic spy thrillers to lesser-known gems, Martin's picks promise to keep any spy thriller enthusiast on the edge of their seat.

Best Spy Books #1: Split Bamboo by Leon Phillips Martin's first pick takes us back to his early days as a spy book aficionado. “Split Bamboo” is a thrilling chase novel set in China, featuring a secret agent on a mission to rescue his kidnapped son. With elements of espionage, disguise, and a race against time, this book captures the essence of a classic spy thriller.

Best Spy Books #2: The Riddle of the Sands by Erskine Childers Considered by some as the first spy novel, “The Riddle of the Sands” is a gripping tale set in the early 20th century. Martin describes it as a black and white noir film, with its atmospheric setting and a thrilling chase scene through foggy canals. This book showcases the intrigue and adventure that captivated readers during the Cold War era.

Best Spy Books #3: From Russia With Love by Ian Fleming For Martin, no spy book list would be complete without a James Bond novel. Martin's choice is “From Russia With Love,” a classic Bond adventure filled with spies, larger-than-life villains, and a beautiful Russian spy. This book delves into the world of espionage and showcases Fleming's talent for creating thrilling and memorable characters.

Best Spy Books #4: Six Days of the Condor by James Grady Inspired by the idea of returning to a completely decimated office, “Six Days of the Condor” follows the story of a man on the run, trying to uncover the truth behind the attack. This fast-paced chase novel keeps readers on the edge of their seats as the protagonist navigates a dangerous world of espionage and betrayal.

Best Spy Books #5: The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum “The Bourne Identity” introduces readers to the enigmatic Jason Bourne, a man with no memory but a set of deadly skills. This gripping thriller explores Bourne's journey to uncover his true identity while being pursued by unknown enemies. With its intricate plot and intense action, this book is a must-read for any spy fiction enthusiast.

Martin Paul's selection of his best spy books takes us on a thrilling journey through the world of espionage. From classic tales to more contemporary works, these books offer a mix of suspense, action, and intrigue that will keep readers captivated. Whether you're a fan of James Bond or prefer lesser-known gems, these picks are sure to satisfy your craving for thrilling spy adventures. So grab a copy, immerse yourself in the world of spies, and get ready for an unforgettable reading experience.

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Best Spy Books and Dead Drops…what is this series exactly?

Spy Books - Dead Drop 5 on the Spy Podcast Spybrary
Dead Drop 5 – share your best spy books on the Spybrary Podcast

This riveting series is a crowd favorite, but be warned, your bank balance may take a hit based on these spy book recommendations. In these episodes, our brave podcast guests are dispatched on a clandestine mission behind the Iron Curtain, where danger lurks at every shadowy corner.

But fear not, they won't embark on this perilous journey unequipped.

Our intrepid agents can request five spy novels to be stashed in the East Berlin dead drop.

But that's not all.

Beyond these spy books, our guests are granted a selection of diverse items, each carefully curated to make their stay in East Berlin more manageable, perhaps even a touch more comfortable.

Join host Shane Whaley as he interviews spy thriller readers about their upcoming mission to East Berlin and the five books they would like to take.

Get ready to dive into ‘Dead Drop 5', only on Spybrary, but be warned this series could seriously damage your bank account!


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