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Ian Fleming's From Russia With Love
The James Bond Book Club

Join us as we discuss the latest Ian Fleming James Bond novel, From Russia With Love. We discuss the artwork, the plot, the villains, the femme fatale, the allies, the glamour and we learn more about Bond the person, including what happened to Tiffany Case and we learn of the only newspaper Bond reads. All that and more on the latest edition of the James Bond Book Club, available on all good podcast apps and at the link in the first comment. Will you join us in 1957?

What is the Spybrary James Bond Book Club exactly and what makes it different from other 007 book clubs?

On the James Bond Book Club, we get in our time machine and go back to the year of publication. We dissect each of the Ian Fleming 007 novels in order and include themes such as :

1) Discussing the timing of each book. The year in which it was written.    The zeitgeist of that time. Key historic and cultural events.
2) Background to the plot and any links to Fleming’s personal experiences.
3) The U.K.'s first edition cover art.
4) The plot.
5)  Locations
6) Bond’s character development.
7) The Villain. 
8) La femme fatale.
9) The supporting cast.
10) The branding.
11) Key set pieces and the best chapters.
12) Critical reception

We will not be referring to or discussing the 007 movies.

We will only be referencing previous books rather than those published in the future – as if we are experiencing the work of Fleming for the first time.

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