James Bond After Fleming: The Continuation 007 Novels with Mark Edlitz

📘 Special guest Mark Edlitz, author of “James Bond After Fleming,” joins James Bond aficionados Bill Kanas, Brian McKaig, and guest host Matt Raubenheimer on the Spybrary Spy Podcast to dissect the evolution of 007 in books Together, they unravel the challenges, strategies, and approaches of various continuation 007 authors in the ever-thrilling James Bond literary saga.

🎧 Listen now to uncover fascinating insights into the world Ian Fleming created and how it has been skillfully perpetuated through the pens of talented continuation authors!

Today, we are talking all about the world of James Bond after Fleming on Episode 229 of the Spybrary Spy Podcast “The Continuation 007 Novels.” Join us as we decode the world of Bond novels post-Ian Fleming with an elite panel of James Bond Continuation 007 novels fans: Matt Raubenheimer in the hosts chair, Mark Edlitz author of James Bond After Fleming, Brian McKaig, and Bill Kanas.

Today, we'll explore the varying directives given to continuation authors, the challenge of maintaining a consistent Bond universe, and the particular styles of authors like Kinglsey Amis, John Gardner, Raymond Benson, Anthony Horowitz.

Dive into the complexity and charm of the Gardner era with Brian McKaig's insights, learn why Bill Kanas cherishes these stories, and follow Matt Raubenheimer's unique path through the Bond series. Mark Edlitz brings his guide to Bond literature, offering starting points for new and veteran readers alike.

More About James Bond After Fleming

Ian Fleming wrote twelve original James Bond novels and two collections of short stories. Despite the cultural importance of Fleming’s 14 books, they represent just a fraction of the Bond novels. Since Fleming’s death, his estate has authorized the publication of numerous Bond novels and spin-off works.

These continuation novels include scores of books about Bond’s dangerous adventures, movie novelizations, a pseudo-biography, and various spin-off series about the teenage Bond, the Secret Service’s beloved secretary Miss Moneypenny, and the next generation agents in the Double O division.For the first time ever, Mark Edlitz offers a comprehensive overview of every exciting Bond adventure in one illustrated volume. Whether you are fully immersed in Bond’s world or new to the spy game, James Bond After Fleming is an essential reference book that is a must-have for any Bond fan.

Order your copy of James Bond After Fleming today!

The mission begins now.

Meet Your Spybrary James Bond After Fleming Panelists

Guest Host – Matt Raubenheimer
Mark Edlitz – author of James Bond After Fleming
Bill Kanas
Brian McKaig – The Bondologist Blog
Producer: Shane Whaley

The video version of our James Bond After Fleming round table is coming soon!

In this episode you will also learn:

  • Bill Kanas’s suggested order of John Gardner to Raymond Benson novels and contextual novelization reading
  • Brian McKaig's preference for starting with “Colonel Sun” followed by Gardner’s and then Benson’s works
  • Addressing cherry pickers’ potential entry points into the Bond novel series

James Bond 007 Continuation Novel Discussion Questions

Spybrary is more than a podcast. Did you know that we host a community of almost 4000 spy book fans? Join the Spybrary Community and dive into some of these conversations:

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  1. How do the different continuation authors' approaches to the James Bond character and adventures influence your perception of the 007 universe?
  2. What effect did the specific instructions from Ian Fleming Publicatons have on the storytelling and direction of the continuation 007 novels?
  3. How does Raymond Benson's direction to insert Bond into movie-like adventures compare and contrast with Horowitz's mandate to tie his work more closely to Fleming's style?
  4. What are your thoughts on the first post-Fleming Bond novels by Kingsley Amos and Arthur Calder Marshall, and how do you believe they impacted the integrity of the character?
  5. With some continuation novels out of print, what are your strategies for finding and experiencing these rarer titles?
  6. How do you feel about the gap between Colonel Sun and the works of Christopher Wood/Gardner, and how did it influence the subsequent evolution of Bond in literature?
  7. Considering Mark Edlitz's discussion on canon, how important is continuity and a unified narrative for the Bond series to you as a reader?
  8. Gardner had a prolific period as a Bond author. How do you believe his background and personal interests influenced his portrayal of Bond, and do you agree that he should have concluded his work after a certain number of books?
  9. Brian McKaig and Bill Kanas have different entry points and appreciation for the Bond novels. How did your own introduction to the Bond series shape your views on the continuation novels?
  10. After hearing the podcast discussion, which Bond continuation novels or novelizations are you most interested in exploring, and why?

That and more in this episode of the Spybrary Spy Podcast.

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