James Bond – The Books and Movies of 007 with The Hildebrandians (Ep 63)

James Bond is Back! It has been some time since we dedicated a whole episode to Britain's not so secret agent. Today we rectify that with a long overdue chat with the men behind what I consider to be one of THE best James Bond Facebook Groups –The Hildebrand Group

James Bond Podcast discussion on Spybrary
James Bond Podcast discussion on Spybrary

James Bond is Back!

It has been ages since we dedicated an entire episode to James Bond, today he is back on the agenda on the Spybrary Spy Podcast!

On this episode of the Spybrary Spy Podcast Host Shane Whaley is joined by Hildebrand Group Founders, Alex Moir, Ian Douglas and Scott Everritt.

They reveal what makes The Hildebrand James Bond Facebook Group so special and why you should consider joining. They explain that the group is a safe house for those who love the books of Ian Fleming as well as the movies. They offer a safe haven for those who just prefer the books of Fleming or those who just enjoy the 007 movies.

Just some of the topics we cover include:

  • They tell us about the Hildebrand Group and how it came about?
  • Why should people join?
  • How do they keep the atmosphere fun and respectable?
  • What was the most popular thread on there?
  • What has been the most controversial post on there?
  • There are lots of JB groups out there what makes Hildebrand a little different?
  • What is their first memory of watching Bond?
  • What was the first Fleming book they read and how did they experience the book?

  • What is their favourite Bond book?
  • What’s their verdict on the continuation novels?
  • What is their favourite Bond movie?
  • Who is their favourite Bond?
  • If they got to meet their favourite Bond actor what would you say to them?
  • Have they met anyone from the Bond universe?
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