Rage by Simon Conway. Spy Book Review. (128)

Rage by Simon Conway review

Today we decode a brush pass transmission sent in by Spybrary listener Andy Onyx. Author and Spy Book fan, Andy Onyx gives us his brush pass spy book review of Rage by Simon Conway.

Jonah Said is a man with nowhere left to run. Hunted, haunted, and bearing the horrific scars of a life spent on the frontline of some of the world's bloodiest battlefields, he's not what you'd call a model soldier. That's why the British Army has shipped him to the Zone—a lawless strip of desert between Iraq and Kuwait where everything is for sale and nothing is what it seems.

From the moment he lands, Jonah is in over his head. Drawn into a ruthless world of corruption, he's about to learn that in the Zone, life is cheap…and the truth is deadly..

Check out our feature-length interview with author Simon Conway on Episode 117 of the Spybrary Spy Podcast.

Simon Conway author interview
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