Interview with Spy Thriller Author Simon Conway

Author Simon Conway
Simon Conway author features on Episode 117 of the Spybrary Spy Book Podcast

Spybrary, the Spy Book Podcast's David Craggs interviews spy thriller author Simon Conway about his life in the military, clearing land mines, and writing spy books.

Simon has had five novels published including A Loyal Spy, winner of the Ian Fleming Steel Dagger. His latest novel The Stranger is published on August 13th.

Simon Conway has often been referred to as ‘Deighton on acid'

David Craggs takes us on a journey of author Simon Conway's life, from his days at a Catholic school in Surrey to reading English Literature at Edinburgh University, to joining the British Army to working for the HALO trust clearing landmines in some of the world's toughest trouble spots.

Simon reveals the books and authors that inspired him to become an author and he describes how he felt on winning the Ian Fleming Steel Dagger up against the likes of Spybrary favourite Mick Herron and Don Winslow.

Simon Conway Author
Simon Conway books

Do check out Simon Conway's gallery of his work around the world.

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