Spy Book Tea Break – The Glimmer Girl with author Andy Onyx (127)

The Glimmer Girl by Andy Onyx

Spybrary Spy Book Podcast host Shane Whaley takes time away from the East German Desk to enjoy a 15 minute tea break with spy authors.

‘Day of the Jackal meets The Wicker Man.'

Author Andy Onyx joins us on our Spybrary Tea Break to share more about his latest book The Glimmer Girl.

In the earliest days of World War One, a fateful meeting between Commander Smith-Cumming, Chief of the Secret Service Bureau and a mysterious stranger, results in a diabolical bargain. Stricken by events that follow , the Commander seizes an opportunity for atonement and vengeance by initiating Operation BARBELL, the outcome of which will echo long into the next century.

London, the near future: The world is gripped by the cryptic threat of the elusive Eighth Day movement, a seemingly benign cult readying themselves to take internal action to destabilise the current world order. Determined to foil the movement's scheme, the Secret Intelligence Service selected a gifted recruit, Siobhan Uhuru-Behan, for their reactivated BARBELL project, a mysterious and clandestine cell dedicated to threats of an unexplained nature. Code-named GLIMMER , Siobhan is tasked with investigating and disrupting Eighth Day and its disciples.

Plunged into a nefarious race against time, Siobhan and her fellow BARBELL operatives set out on the trail of the cult. But can a long-mothballed project a century in the planning really combat the threats of tomorrow?

GLIMMER has eight days to prove it.

The Spybrary Tea Break is a brand new series. Spend a 15 minute tea break with Spybrary Spy Podcast Host Shane Whaley and a spy author.

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