Spy Author Interviews

Conversation with Spy Author Adam Brookes

Today’s guest is writer Adam Brookes. Adam spent over a decade working for the BBC, appearing...
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Nigel West Talks Spies Who Changed History

Intelligence Historian and Author Nigel West joins Spybrary Spy Podcast host Shane Whaley to share more...
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Prisoners of the Castle – Ben MacIntyre talks Colditz with Tim Shipman

Sunday Times Chief Political Commentator and spy book fan Tim Shipman talks with Ben Macintyre about...
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Best Spy Book - WInter Work by Dan Fesperman

Dan Fesperman discusses his latest Cold War Spy Novel, Winter Work

In this conversation with Spybrary host, Shane Whaley, award-winning spy author Dan Fesperman reveals more about...
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All the Old Knives Olen Steinhauer

All the Old Knives with Olen Steinhauer and Janus Metz (181)

On April 8th, Amazon releases the movie adaptation of Olen Steinhauer's All the Old Knives. In...
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Charlotte Philby Edith and Kim

Spy Author Interview – Charlotte Philby talks Edith and Kim. (179)

Welcome to Episode 179 of the Spybrary Spy Book podcast. Today, we bring you a spy...
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Alma Katsu Interview

Spy Author Interview – Red Widow with Alma Katsu. (176)

Welcome to Episode 176 of the Spybrary Spy Book podcast. Spywrite's Jeff Quest speaks to author...
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