Conversation with Spy Author Adam Brookes

Today’s guest is writer Adam Brookes. Adam spent over a decade working for the BBC, appearing on television and radio while crisscrossing the globe and spending an extended amount of time in both China and the US. He’s also written for publications such as Foreign Policy and The Economist. His first espionage novel, Night Heron, was released in 2014 and was followed by Spy Games and The Spy’s Daughter

His most recent book is Fragile Cargo: China's Wartime Race to Save the Treasures of the Forbidden City, currently available in the UK and releasing February 14th in the US.

We discuss his past as a foreign correspondent, the ethics of a reporter spy, how to understand the government in China and his spy novels. Plus the forgotten history of China in WW2, his new book Fragile Cargo and what he thinks about le Carré’s The Honourable Schoolboy. All that and much, much more in this episode.

Discussed in the episode:

Adam’s Website – 

Adam’s Twitter – 

Adam’s spy trilogy – Night Heron, Spy Games, The Spy’s Daughter 

Fragile Cargo: China’s Wartime Race to Save the Treasures of the Forbidden City – 

US – 

UK – 

The le Carré Cast – 

Jeff’s Website – 

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