Spy Graphic Novelist Antony Johnston chats with Jeff Quest (112)

Spy Graphic Novelist Antony Johnson

On today's Spybrary Spy Podcast, Jeff Quest of the legendary Spywrite interviews spy graphic novelist Antony Johnston.

Antony Johnston is a bestselling writer and podcaster whose best-known espionage work is The Coldest City, the graphic novel that the movie ATOMIC BLONDE was based on.

He has his second book in the Bridgette Sharp spy series, The Tempus Project, coming out at the end of May in the UK and the first book, The Exphoria Code, is currently scheduled to be released in the US in October.

Spywrite's Jeff Quest interview spy graphic novelist Antony Johnston

Antony Johnston’s Website – https://antonyjohnston.com/

Antony Johnston’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/AntonyJohnston/

Buy The Exphoria Code with free worldwide shipping on The Book Depository – https://www.bookdepository.com/Exphoria-Code-Antony-Johnston/9781785630613

Buy The Tempus Project with free worldwide shipping on The Book Depository – 


Or preorder the US release of The Exphoria Code – 


The Coldest City and The Coldest Winter http://www.thecoldestcity.com/

ATOMIC BLONDE website – https://www.focusfeatures.com/atomicblonde

Brush Pass on The Exphoria Codehttps://spybrary.com/the-exphoria-code/

Writing and Breathing podcast – https://writingandbreathing.com/

Unjustly Maligned podcast – https://www.theincomparable.com/ump/

Jeff’s website – https://spywrite.com/

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