The return of Dead Drop 5 with author Andy Onyx (161)

Author Andy Onyx finds himself embedded deep in Communist-controlled East Berlin, and has asked his handler to leave him 5 of his favorite spy book, spy movies/tv series at the Dead Drop location in Friedrichshain Park.

Bill Koenig The Spy Command - Dead Drop 5 on the Spybrary Podcast
Andy Onyx – Dead Drop 5 on the Spybrary Podcast

What will Andy Onyx choose to help him cope with life undercover?

Andy's espionage selection will appear here soon. Go listen to the podcast first to hear his spy selections and why they are favorites of his.

Links and Resources Mentioned on this episode with Andy Onyx on the Spybrary Spy Podcast

Andy Onyx Author Website
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That Ted Allbeury interview

Expensive Place to Die by Len Deighton

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