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Of course, episode 007 of the Spybrary Spy Podcast with Shane Whaley had to feature the one and only James Bond. Rather than focus on the movies, Shane decided to chat more about the wonderful books of Ian Fleming and the literary James Bond. We sought out the man behind the Artistic Licence Renewed website to find out more

Tom from Artistic Licence Renewed joins the Spybrary Spy Podcast
Tom from Artistic Licence Renewed joins the Spybrary Spy Podcast

You can listen to that episode of Spybrary here with ALR's Tom here.

Spy Book
Ian Fleming and the Books of James Bond on Spybrary

Here are Tom's answers from the Quick Fire Round:

Episode 007 – Tom from Artistic Licence Renewed


Favourite Spy Novel? Casino Royale by Ian Fleming

Favourite Spy movie?  The Spy Who Came In From The Cold starring Richard Burton

Favourite Spy? James Bond

Favourite 007 movie? Dr. No

Favourite 007 actor? Sean Connery

Favourite Bond villain? Le Chiffre

Favourite spy author? Ian Fleming


And finally at the height of the Cold War, you are embedded in the German Democratic Republic you are allowed:

One book – The Living Daylights
One spy gadget – Poison Tip Fountain Pen

One spy character to help you escape if needed – Alec Leamas

One bottle of booze – Dimple Haig

One record/cd to listen to – Hans Zimmer film score(s)

One Bond Girl to help you – Domino from Thunderball novel


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