Apple TV’s Slow Horses with Gary Oldman, episodes 1 and 2 review (180)

Apple TV's Slow Horses Review

Spybrary joins forces with the Barbican Station podcast to discuss Apple TV's Slow Horses series starring Gary Oldman which airs today.

The first half of this episode is spoiler-free.

Today is the day many of us have been waiting for, the Apple TV's Slow Horses series starring Gary Oldman as Jackson Lamb is now airing.

Through one of our agents I was able to get an early screening of Slow Horses and today you will listen to three of us running the rule over episodes 1 and 2.  If you have not watched it Slow Horses yet don’t worry, the first half of the show includes no spoilers and we do tell you when we get into Spoilertown.

Our good friend and Spybrary contributor Jeff Quest produces his own podcast dedicated to Mick Herron's work called Barbican Station, So rather than both of us evaluate the Apple TV's Slow Horses adaptation separately, we decided to release this episode on both of our podcasts. For discussion on episodes 3-6 of Slow Horses do subscribe to Jeff’s podcast at

Before we get into today’s show, it would be remiss of me, not to mention that Tim Shipman has finally completed his list of 125 spy writers and not only has he ranked them but he gives us a short observation on why he rates that spy author and which of their books he recommends. So do go and check that list out and when you have finished listening to today's show do let us know what you think of Apple TV's Slow Horses on our Spybrary Facebook group – at

best spy writers ranked
best spy writers ranked

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