All the Old Knives with Olen Steinhauer and Janus Metz (181)

All the Old Knives Olen Steinhauer

On April 8th, Amazon releases the movie adaptation of Olen Steinhauer's All the Old Knives. In today's episode, two of our most knowledgable spy movie experts and Spybrary agents Matthew Bradford and Jack Lescamela chat with author and screenwriter Olen Steinhauer and the director of All The Old Knives, Janus Metz.

Hello, and welcome to episode 181 of the Spybrary podcast. Today, I'm delighted to serve you an absolute treat a couple of weeks ago, we received an email from the PR folks over at Prime Video asking us if we had any interest in a conversation with author and screenwriter, Olen Steinhauer. Many of, you will know Olen from his previous works, the Tourist series of books or maybe you know him from the hit spy tv series Berlin Station?

There's a new movie about to hit Prime Video, which is an adaptation of Olen Steinhauer's book, All the Old Knives. I know that there are many of you in the Spybrary community who are big fans of that book and are excited about the movie. Not only did the PR team offer us an interview with Olen Steinhauer, but also with the All the Old Knives Director Janus Metz.

I thought to myself, I've got to get the big guns on this. I've got to call the real experienced agents that really know their spy movies and TV. So I called upon Our Men in Hollywood. Many of you know them from our Spybrary community. That's Matthew Bradford and Jack Lescamela.

So today we bring you that conversation that Our Men in Hollywood had with Olen Steinhauer and Janus Metz. It's a wide-ranging conversation. They touch on a ton of different topics, Jack and Matthew really knock it out of the park for us here.

It's a fascinating conversation that I just know you're gonna enjoy. Just a couple of words of warning, Janus used a couple of F words. So if you're in the car with the kids, or maybe your husband, doesn't like bad language, whatever it may be. He throws them in quite quickly. I couldn't quite edit them out and I didn't want to bleep them, because I just felt that would detract from the conversation. So just a heads up on that. After the conversation, do stick around for, a bit of post-show.

Matthew and Jack have a conversation about their interview about All the Old Knives and more with Olen Steinhauer and Janus Metz

What is the All the Old Knives About?

Two CIA agents and ex-lovers (Chris Pine and Thandiwe Newton) are brought back together years after a failed rescue attempt and forced to blur the lines between profession and passion in this deeply riveting tale of global espionage, moral dilemma and deadly betrayal.

Before we get into today’s show, it would be remiss of me, not to mention that Tim Shipman has finally completed his list of 125 spy writers and not only has he ranked them but he gives us a short observation on why he rates that spy author and which of their books he recommends

best spy writers ranked
best spy writers ranked

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