The Best Spy Movies of all time! (64)

As voted on by Spybrary Spy Podcast Listeners.

Spybrary listeners go to the polls to vote for the best spy movies of all time!

On this episode of the Spybrary Spy Podcast Jeff Quest (Spywrite) reveals the top 10 spy movies as voted on by our Spybrary listeners.

We will give it a week or so before we publish the winners here, lets just say #1 came as a big surprise to Spybrary host, Shane Whaley. He is also pleased to see the Spybrarians voting in a mixed bag of movies and that the 007 fans did not vote en masse for their favourite Bond movies as is often seen in these kinds of polls. Spybrarians truly are connoisseurs when it comes to spy movies and spy books.

Jeff and Shane also talk about what is on their Christmas wish list and Shane reveals that he is (shock horror) not going to read any spy novels over Christmas, so what is he going to read instead? Surely not science fiction?

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