Former MI6 trained Agent Handler Reveals How He Recruited Agents and Why His Cover was Blown by his own Ambassador!

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What's life like working as a spy? Spy author Bevan G Roberts chats with former Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) and MI6 trained agent handler Warren Reed to find out.

Most of us are fascinated by the craft of human intelligence. It's a trade as old as time, involving betrayal, secrecy, and most of all, danger! Danger to the operative danger, to the agent, danger, to innocent people and to nations. And it's the human side of this danger that keeps us turning the pages and feeds our desire to learn more.

So what better than to interview a real spy to find out more about the business of espionage, a former agent handler that not only practiced the trade, but also a man who experienced the worst aspects of it.

With Kingdom of Spies Author Bevan G Roberts and former real-life spy Warren Reed.

More about former spy Warren Reed

Warren Reed spy
Warren Reed talks to Spybrary.

Warren Reed was an Australian spy. A fluent Japanese speaker, Reed was trained by MI6 and served for ten years with the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, Australia’s overseas human intelligence agency, undertaking postings across Asia and the Middle East. After retiring from active service, Reed published several fiction and non-fiction books and became an active media commentator. He now enjoys retirement in Sydney’s north shore.

More about author Bevan G Roberts

Bevan G. Roberts grew up in Canberra, Australia surrounded by technology, the military, and government. During a career in and around the departments of defence and foreign affairs, Bevan worked for a time at the Australian embassy in Indonesia, an experience that opened his eyes to Asia and inspired his first novel, Kingdom of Spies.

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