The American Quiller? Bill Granger / November Man Series Brush Pass review

Spybrary field agent Chris Lueloff slipped us this brush pass review of Bill Granger's spy thriller November Man series

Lueloff shares why spy book readers will enjoy Granger's work and boldly declares that Peter Devereaux is an American Quiller. Agree, disagree? Come and let us know your thoughts in the Spybrary fans community.

More About the November Man spy series according to Randall at Spy Guys and Gals.

‘Peter Deveraux, codename the November Man, is an agent for the CIA.

This highly experienced agent whose first name is never revealed, works for R Section of the CIA Under a man named Hanley, referred to as an “asshole” by Deveraux in the second page of the first book and expanded upon throughout the series.

He is extremely good at his job, which makes him valuable, but he doesn't suffer well the fools and incompetents above him, which makes him undesirable. It makes the series delicious. Also making the series something to read are two recurring characters.'

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The Legacy of Thriller Writer Bill GrangerMystery Tribune

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