Life Behind the Mic – Audible’s Most Prolific Narrator Scott Brick Chats with Spybrary Spy Podcast

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If like me, you are a big fan of audiobooks then it is highly likely that you have listened to today's guest Scott Brick narrating one of your favorite thriller audiobooks.

In this conversation, Shane finds out more about life behind the mic with Scott Brick. We learn how he got started in the business plus some of his tips and tricks for delivering engaging audio and top drawer storytelling.

Scott Brick also took time to answer Spybrary listener questions such as:

  • You recorded an excellent new version of THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER to go with you previous Clancy recordings. I was hoping you’d finish off the initial run of Clancy originals with new versions of THE CARDINAL OF THE KREMLIN and CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER. Why didn’t they have you do those ones? Any chance you still will?
  • You did an excellent job on so many original Robert Ludlum titles. Are there any more in your future? It would be great to hear you read the MATARESE novels, and they’re overdue for new versions!
  • You took over the Jack Reacher series from Dick Hill, who had a very distinctive delivery style. How conscious were you of following in someone else’s footsteps? Did you do anything differently because of that?
  • Are there any spy series or characters you HAVEN’T recorded that you’d really like a crack at?

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More about Scott Brick, the popular and award-winning narrator of more than 900 audiobooks.

Actor, writer and award-winning audiobook narrator Scott Brick certainly knows how to tell a story, in a way that keeps publishers, best-selling and award-winning authors, critics and the public at large begging for more.  Hailed by Audible in 2012 as their most prolific narrator, Brick has narrated almost 900 audiobooks including titles such as: Jurassic Park, the Jack Reacher series, Alexander Hamilton, the Hunt For Red October, The Passage trilogy, In Cold Blood, the Bourne trilogy, Atlas Shrugged, Helter Skelter, Fahrenheit 451 and the Dune series.

As you will hear in this wide-ranging conversation, Scott Brick also narrated one of my favorite audiobooks, The Company by Robert Littel (coming in at just over 44 hours and Scott kept me engaged throughout.)

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