30: All About Spy Con

So what is Spy Con 2018?

Spy Con on the Spybrary Spy podcast

Billed as ‘Spy Con celebrates espionage and Spy Fiction in all media from literature to television and film. Come be a special agent for the weekend!'

Spybrary Host Shane Whaley was keen to find out more, so he got chatting with one of the organizers of Spy Con Matt Sherman who was kind enough to come on the podcast to share more with our listeners.


Lana Wood at Spy Con
Lana Wood at Spy Con

On this episode of the Spybrary Spy Podcast, Matt reveals more about the first ever Spy Con, including who is lined up to speak and what special exhibits may be on show! One of the special guests will be James Bond Girl Plenty O'Toole whose swimming pool landing provides one of the best lines in any 007 movie!

Matt admits Spy Con will be a bit ‘Bond top heavy‘ but will include discussion, content and fans from other spy shows including The Man from UNCLE, The Avengers and many more.  There is also a Spy School track on offer.

Matt Sherman talks Spy Con on the Spybrary Spy Podcast
Matt Sherman talks Spy Con on the Spybrary Spy Podcast

‘Don’t miss out on hearing real spies talk about their experiences, as well as studying the works of Fleming, Le Carre and others for information on how to do everything from avoid detection to kill someone with your pinky finger (not really!).'

Be a guest and/or panelist at Spy Con.

Matt also shares with us how you could be a speaker or panelist at Spy Con. A splendid opportunity for spy geeks and authors to share their knowledge with like minded spy fans.

Of course, Shane takes the opportunity to ask Matt more about his Bond location tours, 007 collection and of course he is interrogated sorry questioned in the quick fire round!

For more information visit Spy Con Official Website.

SPYBRARY COMMENT – This is the first ever Spy Con event  I would love to see these happen every year so if you can get yourself down to Atlanta please do consider registering. I will be attending and supporting the event and I would love to meet Spybrary listeners there. Rumour has it a certain Jack Barsky, the East German born KGB sleeper agent will be attending too!

In this illuminating interview Matt also reveals:

Who in the James Bond novels, other than 007 would he like to meet and why
What he would ask Ian Fleming if he had a time machine and went back in time
What his favourite item of his 007 collection is
And what he must own that he doesn't right now
Out of the 300 007 locations he has visited, which is his all time favourite
Out of the very few locations left which one tops his list to visit

And why Spybrary Host Shane Whaley should play Felix Leiter in an upcoming 007 movie 😉

And Much More

Matt's QuickFire Round answers (coming soon)

About Matt Sherman of BondFanEvents.com

Matt Sherman, one of the world’s top James Bond experts, has collected James Bond books, and movie props for more than 35 years. His Bond memorabilia and his fan meets have featured on C-SPAN, DISCOVERY,
HGTV, VH-1, TLC, TNN and in Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

More than 120 special guests have appeared at Sherman’s events, including Bond actors, authors and filmmakers, along with real world intelligence officers (the preferred euphemism for secret agents) from the FBI,
CIA, NSA and the KGB. A Bond locations maven, Sherman has led fan tours to hundreds of Bond film and book locations. His contributions have appeared in The Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times,
The Washington Post, Parade Magazine, Time and now on the Spybrary Spy Podcast.

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Other Resources Mentioned on Spybrary Spy Podcast Episode 30

Spy Con Official Website

Spy Con Spy School

Bond Fan Events Official Website
Live and Let Fans – New Orleans Bond Fans Event in 2018.

Ian Fleming Airport

Ian Fleming Foundation

Felix Leiter

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3 Responses
  1. Denise Alcarez

    This was an amazing broadcast! I first got to know Matt through the Bond Groups on fb.I have been on 2 of his Bond location trips and will be going to New Orleans in May.We started a section of his location tours in a group on fb called James Bond Meetups and Tours- Worldwide Events.Matt is a wealth of knowledge on anything Bond and has amazing knowledge of locations.I am extremely involved with many Bond groups on fb and its members. I have many friends around the world because of getting involved with Bond groups on fb.I post small articles occasionally but post pics of the actors in their prospective groups mainly.I am an adm of Daniel Craig’s group- Daniel Craig: Bond and Beyond, have group with Matt Sherman, have group with my Bond friend Jason who lives in England called 007- Licence to Thrill and am starting a group where I live.Bond has literally changed my life! At the age of 64…I never thought I would be as involved with a hobby as I am of Bond! Please forgive my lengthy story but this is just a small portion of my Bond adventures…since I first answered the ad to get in my first Bond group on fb about six years ago! Love…Denise Alcarez