Spybrary Panel dives into some of the most serious and silly questions faced by spy fans.

In this episode of Spybrary, Le Carre Cast host Jeff Quest dives into some of the most serious and silly questions faced by spy fans. He is joined by an all-star panel of guests – Jeremy Duns, Hannah Cooper and Spybrary Host Shane Whaley. They tackle a wide range of espionage enigmas.

Some of the questions covered are – 

From now on either every spy novel must be set in Berlin or no spy novels can ever be set in Berlin again. Which do you choose?

Would you use your kid as camouflage while doing spy activity?

Volcano lair vs underwater lair vs moonbase lair?

All that and more in this episode of Spybrary.

So settle in by the fire, pour yourself a drink of your favorite beverage, and prepare to come to your own conclusions and share them with us as you listen! Tweet @spybrary with your opinion as we tackle these questions or hop on the discussion thread on the Spybrary Discussion group.

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Mentioned on the show – 

What is Water Polo? – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_polo 

Blood in the Water match – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_in_the_Water_match 

Hannah’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/MrsSimonTemplar 

Hannah’s Website – https://backintimefortv.co.uk/

Jeremy’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/JeremyDuns 

Jeremy’s Website – https://www.jeremy-duns.com/ 

Shane’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/spybrary 

Shane’s Website – https://spybrary.com/ 

Jeff’s Website – https://spywrite.com/ 

Jeff on Twitter – https://twitter.com/spywrite 

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