The Spy Books of Anthony Price -Brush Pass (109)

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Brush Pass report from our Norweigan desk covering the spy books of the late Anthony Price.

Anthony Price
Author Anthony Price (1992)

Karl Gunnar øen shares his appreciation for the spy books of Anthony Price.

He also gives us his recommendation of which of his spy novels should be your first if you are new to Price's work. Karl also reveals some of his favourite Anthony Price books.

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The Labyrinth Makers (1970) UK; (1971) US
The Alamut Ambush (1971) UK; (1972) US
Colonel Butler's Wolf (1972) UK; (1973) US
October Men (1973) UK; (1974) US
Other Paths to Glory (1974) UK; (1975) US
Our Man in Camelot (1975) UK; (1976) US
War Game (1976) UK; (1977) US
The '44 Vintage (1978)
Tomorrow's Ghost (1979)
The Hour of the Donkey (1980)
Soldier No More (1981)
The Old Vengeful (1982)
Gunner Kelly (1983)
Sion Crossing (1984)
Here Be Monsters (1985)
For the Good of the State (1986)
A New Kind of War (1987) UK; (1988) US
A Prospect of Vengeance (1988)
The Memory Trap (1989)

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