Tom Fletcher ‘The Ultimate Downing Street Operator’ and Spy Author in Conversation with Spybrary

Former Ambassador and advisor to three UK Prime Ministers Tom Fletcher reveals more about his latest spy novel The Assassin.

‘The author can draw authenticity from a career spent at the coal face of diplomacy and intelligence, which is why it is a page turner’

Frederick Forsyth

‘Tom Fletcher was the ultimate Downing Street operator’ David Cameron

Welcome to another riveting episode of the Spybrary Spy Book Podcast. I'm your host, Shane Whaley, and today we dive into the thrilling world of spy fiction with our special guest, Tom Fletcher, the former UK ambassador and advisor to three UK Prime Ministers turned espionage thriller writer.

Tom Fletcher's new book, “The Assassin,” is creating waves and it's not just because of its gripping scenes; it's a novel that hits the zeitgeist with its daring exploration of climate change and the moral quandaries it poses for future generations.

In this episode, we'll uncover the inspiration behind “The Assassin,” a sequel that can stand alone yet continues the intriguing tale from “The Ambassador.” We'll tackle everything from Tom's firsthand experiences in the heart of governmental intelligence to the ethical crossroads his protagonist, Ambassador Ed Barnes, faces.

Tom gives us a glimpse into his writing process and why he's attracted praise from the likes of Frederick Forsyth and Andy McNabb for his authenticity and style.

Get ready to embark on a literary journey that blends authenticity with heart-stopping thrills as we discuss the roles spies and diplomats play in shaping our world, both in fiction and reality, with Tom Fletcher—an author whose work is as thought-provoking as it is entertaining.

Watch our conversation with Tom Fletcher

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What is The Assassin by Tom Fletcher all about?

Tom Fletcher The Assassin

‘A diplomatic genius’ Gordon Brown

‘Tom Fletcher is the essential diplomat, and was my support and sounding board about virtually every country on earth’ David Cameron

How far will he go to save a future he may never see?

Having been made High Commissioner in Nairobi, Ed Barnes is keeping his head down and staying out of trouble. But when his daughter, Sophie, is kidnapped following a security crisis for which he is blamed, his attempts at normality fall apart once again. He finds himself at the heart of a complex negotiation with a dangerous Somali terrorist group, in an effort to avert a regional security crisis and free his daughter.

Meanwhile, across the globe a series of political assassinations have been shaking the world of business and government. Tensions boil over when a Chinese envoy is murdered in Jordan, only days before a crucial climate change conference, sparking a diplomatic crisis and the threat of US/China confrontation.

In the search for his daughter, Barnes follows the trail of violence from Kenya, through the highest levels of the UN in Geneva, to the Dead Sea in Jordan. With the world on the brink of ecological crisis, Barnes must uncover the terrible truth about the assassinations, prevent a global conflict and save the climate deal. But how much is he prepared to sacrifice to be a good ancestor?

The explosive sequel to The Ambassador from former No.10 advisor Tom Fletcher, The Assassin is perfect for fans of Robert Peston, Ken Follett and Tom Bradby.

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