My favorite Spy Books of 2020 – Jason King Unleashed (133)

Spy Books of 2020
Jason King is back and he shares his favorite spy books of 2020 and his picks for next year!

Jason King returns to the Spybrary Podcast for his annual Christmas address to share his 2020 spy books picks. This is the most requested feature of Spybrary, requested by spouses, friends, and relatives who purchase Christmas presents for loved ones based on the Jason King picks. (I kid you not!)

Also on this episode of the Spybrary Podcast, Jason King and Spybrary Host Shane Whaley discuss:

  • The legacy of John le Carré (A round table discussion in 2021 is planned but we could not resist the opportunity to chat about the spy books of John le Carré.
  • Why Jason King loves the Spy TV show, le Bureau!
  • Jason shares his top 3 favorite books of 2020.
  • What spy books, spy movies, and spy tv is Jason looking forward to in 2021.
  • What does Jason look for in a good book – advice for budding spy book writers.
    And Much More!!!

Jason King's 2020 Picks are:

  1. The Stranger by Simon Conway
  2. Box 88 by Charles Cumming
  3. The Englishman by David Gilman

Spy Books Mentioned on this episode of the Spybrary Podcast

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