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Nigel West Talks Spies Who Changed History

Intelligence Historian and Author Nigel West joins Spybrary Spy Podcast host Shane Whaley to share more...
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Prisoners of the Castle – Ben MacIntyre talks Colditz with Tim Shipman

Sunday Times Chief Political Commentator and spy book fan Tim Shipman talks with Ben Macintyre about...
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Your Face Tomorrow by Javier Marias – Brush Pass Spy Thriller Review

Spybrary's man in Station L (Northern Sector) author Andy Onyx slipped us this brush pass review...
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The American Quiller? Bill Granger / November Man Series Brush Pass review

Spybrary field agent Chris Lueloff slipped us this brush pass review of Bill Granger's spy thriller...
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Dan Fesperman discusses his latest Cold War Spy Novel, Winter Work

In this conversation with Spybrary host, Shane Whaley, award-winning spy author Dan Fesperman reveals more about...
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The Spy Who Changed History- Brush Pass Review

Spybrary field agent Erich Wagner slipped us this brush pass review of the nonfiction spy book...
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With a Mind to Kill: A James Bond Novel – Brush Pass Review

James Bond fan and Spybrary's Head of Station SA, Matt Raubenheimer gives us his spoiler-free thoughts...
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Agent in Berlin by Alex Gerlis

Agent in Berlin by Alex Gerlis- Brush Pass Spy Book Review (184)

Spybrary Spy Podcast host Shane Whaley gives us his thoughts on the spy novel Agent in...
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