33: Yesterdays’ Spy by Len Deighton Review

‘Sinister rumors link clandestine Arab arms dealing with the man who led the old anti-Nazi Guernica network. It's time to re-open the master file on yesterday's spy…'

Len Deighton's 'Yesterdays Spy' is the subject of the latest Brush Pass Review on Spybrary
Len Deighton's ‘Yesterdays Spy' is the subject of the latest Brush Pass Review on Spybrary

Agent Palmer, yes really Agent Palmer makes his debut on the Spybrary Podcast to deliver his brush pass review on Len Deighton's Yesterday's Spy!  On Episode 33 of the Spybrary Spy Podcast, the Brush Pass review is back and we cover an author whose works we featured on our very first episode, the spy writing legend that is Len Deighton.  Once you have listened to the review, check out Agent Palmer's blog post titled ‘Four Reasons to read Yesterday's Spy

Spybrary Brush Pass
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  1. Enjoyed this a lot – Agent Palmer correctly focuses on the enigmatic similiarities of the main character with earlier figures, and highlights the value of dialogue and listening in this particular book.