Adventures in Spy Research with Jeremy Duns and Jeff Quest (151)

Spy Research

Spy Author Jeremy Duns and Spywrite's Jeff Quest talk through some of the in’s and out’s of research, and especially spy research, in the hopes of encouraging others to do research too. We talk about the a lost Pinkerton manuscript, the time Jeremy nearly got kicked out of an interview before it even started, how Jeff got the title of an author’s book wrong within 30 seconds of starting an interview and why you should turn every page. All that and more in this episode of Spybrary.

Hannah Cooper’s site looking at old TV – 

Bill Koenig’s Spy Command Bond Timeline – – 

Internet Archive –

Robert Caro on how he got his start – 

Story on Irma Dupree, chronicler of Allan Pinkerton –

The ebay lot Jeremy got wasn’t from the spy codenamed Blunderhead, but here’s the real story of Ronald Seth, Agent Blunderhead, who wrote about Russian spies – 

But had also been a a double agent for the Nazis! – 

Jeremy’s website – 

Jeremy on Twitter – 

Download Jeremy’s free book Need to Know 

Purchase Jeremy’s book Dead Drop/Codename: Hero 

Jeff’s Website – 

Jeff on Twitter – 

Jeff’s article on le Carré meeting Rex Stout – 

Jeff’s article on alternate le Carré titles – 

Jeff’s article on Ambler’s party with a who’s who of spy novelists –

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